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Number 3
Name SuzieS
Comment Well written with a cracking start and the suspense of who is tormenting them is brilliant. Looking forward to reading the full book.
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Number 4
Name Clarky
Comment Explosive start, story intriguing. Love the character Annie
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Number 5
Name Sue
Comment Really looking forward to reading the book.
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Number 6
Name LisaW
Comment via An Authors way: I have had the priviledge of reading the whole of this book and couldn’t put it down. It’s a great read and at last rugby league is presented in books. Can’t wait for the sequel.
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Number 7
Name Sarah
Comment Via An Authors Way: As a big rugby fan, I loved the idea of this book and the opening was brilliant, dramatic and exciting. I really want to know why these people are being targeted in the way they are. I do have two gripes though; one was the use of numbers which I always understood should be substituted for words, for example number 96 should be ninety six. My only other gripe is the sex scene. I really don’t understand why authors feel the need to dive into sex scenes. It seems to be a growing trend at the moment. The book already had my attention and, to be honest, the sex bit sort of killed it for me. That aside, I thought it was well written and easy to follow. I now want to read the rest of it
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Number 8
Name Julie
Comment Fabulous Book
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Number 9
Name Stacey
Comment via Facebook Brilliant start to a book written by an amazing woman :)
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Number 10
Name Jacks
Comment Totally hooked. Roll on the 23rd Jan. Can not wait to read on. Well done you.
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Number 11
Name Claire
Comment Have just finished reading beyond the past! Wow what a fantastic book, can not wait for the next one
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Number 13
Name J
Comment have just read your book WOW could not put it down well done xx
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Number 31
Name Sara
Comment Loved the book when is your next one being published I'm hooked! Let me know when the sequel is out you have a true talent, I couldn't put the book down.
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Number 61
Name Sally
Comment Just finished reading the book.It was not my usual read but I really enjoyed it. The characters are realistic and the storyline keeps you guessing until the end. Well done for your first novel. Looking forward to reading the sequel. Highly recommended read.
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Number 69
Name Lou
Comment I must admit I was advised not to bother reading this novel but it is set in my hometown.I can honestly say I was hooked from the first chapter. The book is explosive and has some very strong, interesting characters. The story is unique and I am not a sporty person but I love the chapters that include rugby league. This book is lively, imaginative and emotional.
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