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Unpublished works


Beyond the Lies

The sequel to Beyond the Past. The full extent of the conspiracy to frame former rugby player, Mark Smith, for rape over twenty years ago, starts to emerge in this romantic thriller. Even DCI Harry Fisher has no inclination his investigation will lead to the most elusive, yet prolific criminal mind of a generation.



Life's path can change at the blink of an eye or the detonation of a bomb. In Leeds, Rob Kennedy should have been planning a wedding, not a funeral. Consumed with guilt and grief, suicide seems his only option to end the perpetual nightmare. A single of act of kindness saves him from himself. In Birmingham, Georgina Harding escapes the pedophile ring, after being imprisoned by her mother's new partner. At fifteen, living on the streets is a safer option. In Manchester, Jonathan Maitland is released from prison and begins searching for his traitor of a wife, after she assisted the police to secure a conviction against him. This time he was determined to end her life. Three lives worth saving, yet their paths are about to cross with potentially lethal consequences.

Works in Progress


The Nanny

Sometimes the past cannot be laid to rest without direct intervention. John and Martha O'Grady were victims of the conflict in Ireland. They may have survived but witnessing the death of their parents and grandparents at the hands of the IRA had left indelible horror on their young minds. Orphaned, they were split up. Martha was sent to a convent and John adopted and moved to Manchester. Thirty years on they are about to be reunited only to find the horrors of their past re-appear with potentially disastrous consequences.